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EnGenius Technologies EnMesh Whole-Home WI-Fi System Review

Having internet connectivity is possibly one of the most important things in your home. Not only must you have access to the internet but you must also be able to connect wirelessly beyond walls and floors. If you live in a multi-level home then the EnGenius Technologies EnMesh Whole-Home Wi-Fi System could help you deliver stable, fast and reliable Wi-Fi signals to any device, for every family member.

EnGenius Technologies EnMesh Whole-Home WI-Fi System Review

EnGenius Technologies EnMesh Dual-Band Mesh Whole-Home Wi-Fi System

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Design of EnGenius Technologies

Small, simple and hardly-noticeable is the EnGenius Wi-Fi system. It’s all white so it matches any kind of interior design. You can place it anywhere as long as it’s near your router and a power source. It does not have any buttons; it only has a single LED light that tells you the status of the Wi-Fi signal (green for a good signal, yellow for weak signal and red for poor or no signal). At the back are the ports for the 12V power supply port, a USB 2.0 port and a gigabit Ethernet port. You can take it anywhere inside a room or use one EnGenius device per room for the best Wi-Fi coverage.

Design of EnGenius Technologies

Setup of EnMesh Whole-Home WI-Fi System

You don’t need to use a driver or any additional device to set up this Wi-Fi system because everything is done in the software which is accessed using your mobile device. From your mobile phone, you need to download the EnGenius app and follow the instructions to complete set up. Initially, you will need to set a network name, a password and a few information about your home network. You won’t have to wait too long to use the device because once you are done with all these, you are good to go.

Setup of EnMesh Whole-Home WI-Fi System

Wireless Range of Whole-Home WI-Fi System

You will never be anywhere inside your multi-level home without Wi-Fi because the EnGenius is high performing with AC1200 speeds. You get buffer-free videos and audios and fast streaming of live videos and reliable signals no matter where you are. Even if you are separated by multiple walls, you can still get a good signal. No dead spots especially when you combine three or more EnGenius Wi-Fi extender devices.

EnMesh App of Home WI-Fi System

The EnMesh App is a handy way to setup the EnGenius plus a whole lot more. You can monitor your device through your phone, provide parental control and schedule Wi-Fi use, get secure updates for the EnGenius device and troubleshoot any problems. You can even decide which devices get Wi-Fi coverage priority when needed. This is handy when you need to watch a live event streaming through your smart TV.

EnMesh App of Home WI-Fi System


The EnGenius EnMesh Whole-Home Wi-Fi System is simple to use and has a simple, seamless design. It can improve Wi-Fi signal, increase bandwidth, eliminate dead spots and reduce buffering. It requires no drivers to setup, you only have to use the EnMesh app to set the device up and you are good to go. It is a good Wi-Fi extender device to use for a multi-level home and can be improved when combined with two or three EnGenius devices. If you think that the EnGenius EnMesh Whole-Home Wi-Fi System is a good Wi-Fi extender for your home as well, follow this link.

And a giant website pcmag also reviewed this whole-home Wi-Fi system as a great Wi-Fi system too.

AmpliFi LR & HD Home Wi-Fi Mesh System Review

Mesh Technology is a new way to provide a custom, reliable and efficient Wi-Fi coverage for unique homes. If you have a multi-level home or an irregularly shaped property then you need AmpliFi’s multi-hop mesh technology that will connect your device, appliances and home security system to the web and more. The AmpliFi LR & HD Wi-Fi Mesh is a Wi-Fi system that can bring uninterrupted, reliable and fast connectivity to your home.

AmpliFi HD (High-Density) Home Wi-Fi System Review

AmpliFi HD Home Wi-Fi System

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You will admire the AmpliFi LR & HD Wi-Fi Mesh design with a router that provides on-time information about your network speed and two Mesh Points that you can set up anywhere inside your home The router has a clean, seamless and modern design with a round smart-touch display while the two mesh points look like huge antennas but still works with any modern living space.



This is a plug and play device so you do not need to use driver or go through complicated set up instructions. You can set up the system and manage your Wi-Fi connections using the AmpliFi app. You can also connect faster and smarter because the AmpliFi uses Bluetooth Low Energy for all devices. This is the best way to get ready for the Internet of Things as you connect your current smart appliances and for future appliances and devices as well.

Wireless Range

You can guarantee fast and reliable connectivity for intensive bandwidth applications like video streaming, live chat and video calling because the AmpliFi uses 802.11AC Wi-Fi. This is the best Wi-Fi connectivity to connect all devices and appliances inside a modern home. You can extend your Wi-Fi coverage and even make on time adjustments from your AmpliFi app to cover dead spots and buffering video. The two mesh points support the AmpliFi router to work with a moderately-sized home but additional mesh points may be added to further expand your wireless network.


The AmpliFi App

The AmpliFi App lets you set the wireless mesh system in a matter of seconds. Just follow the prompts and you are good to go. You will also be able to track ISP and wireless system performance through the app with on time throughput readings and the capacity to test your speed at any time you wish. You can also monitor and block any device at any time so you can control study time for your kids. You can also decide which device stays on the network and give priority to some devices or appliances connected to the router through the AmpliFi app.


The AmpliFi HD Home Wi-Fi System is a good wireless system that uses the latest technology connectivity to connect devices and appliances to the web. It can reduce dead spots and improve speed, connectivity and range using its mesh points. This is a wireless system that delivers mesh technology connectivity to a large or irregularly-sized home. It has a seamless, modern and informative design that provides on-time information about network health. The AmpliFi Wi-Fi system is definitely a good addition to your modern home. If you think that this is the wireless system for you, follow this link.

AmpliFi Home Wi-Fi System

7 Best Ways to Boost your Home Wi-Fi Signal

Today’s generation is literally a techy” generation. Almost all the things that surround us are powered and innovated by new technologies making it easier and convenient to use. One of the greatest products of technology is the Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi, we can connect the world in the comfort of our home. However, it is so frustrating to see your Wi-Fi connection crawling. A slow connection is really annoying most especially if you are using your Internet connection for important matters. Sometimes, the signal strength of your Wi-Fi cannot even reach the whole house properly, even you’ve installed a best wireless router for your home already. Fortunately, boosting the signal strength of your Wi-Fi is possible and it can be done in the following ways:

1) Relocate your router

Relocate your router

One of the common mistakes made by many people is hiding their router. Your router may not be that beautiful but that doesn’t mean that you will hide it. Sometimes, the signal strength of your Wi-Fi will depend on your location. Try relocating it in a place where it is open, no obstructions and interference. Brick walls, remote control, cordless phone, and microwave oven can cause signal obstruction.

2) Upgrade the firmware of your router

Upgrade the firmware of your router

Sometimes, the main cause of slow Internet connection is because your router firmware is not upgraded. Firmware is a type of program in the computer which provides low-level control for the specific hardware of your device. When your internet connection seems crawling, it doesn’t mean that it is a bad router, sometimes, you just need to upgrade it. How easy to update your router will depend on your router’s manufacturers. Modern routers can be easily upgraded because the update processor is in its administration interface. Older routers will require you to download the manufacturer’s firmware on their website.

3) Control your applications

Control your applications

Most of the routers today have QoS tools or quality of service. This is used to limit the amount of bandwidth of the applications (apps) you use. There are applications that use a large amount of bandwidth. Regular video chats, Netflix use, torrent files and online games will cause slow internet connection. With the use of QoS, you can prioritize the most needed and important application among others.

4) Change the number of your Wi-Fi Channel

Change the number of your Wi-Fi Channel

If your neighbors are using the same Wi-Fi channel the signal strength may decrease because of their router’s interference. Change of the numbers of Wi-Fi channels and remove interference to improve your signal strength. To do this, you can use certain too like Wi-Fi analyzer; it can help you in finding the channel which can be perfect in your house.

5) Make some signal boosting

Make some signal boosting

Boosting your signal can also be done through adding a signal amplifier. Signal amplifier or signal booster can be attached to your access point where an antenna is usually connected. You can use Bi-directional boosters to do signal amplification with your signal strength in both transmit and receive directions.

You can also boost the signal’s strength through doing a little bit of hacking. To do this, you can install DD-WRT firmware to make some extension of your signal’s strength. It can give you both secure features and many other enhancements. However, it can bring some danger to your router but it will not be a problem because most routers today can handle higher usage of data.

Another way to boost the strength of the signal is to add a wireless access point. There are businesses that used to deploy many APs or wireless access points to cover their big building’s offices. In this case, many households will not benefit it. Through using AP’s for your home Wi-Fi, you can have good signal strength. Adding an AP to your home network will need you a connection to gateway or also known as primary routers.

6) Upgrade your router radio antennas

Upgrade your router radio antennas

Upgrading the radio antenna of your router will also improve the signal of your Wi-Fi. There are antennas that do not pick up radio signals, in this reason; you may upgrade your antenna to enable it to pick radio signals. There are manufacturers, who introduce “high gain” antennas, however, it’s a bit expensive than the ordinary one.

7) Add Wi-Fi extender

Add Wi-Fi extender

One of the best options to increase the signal strength is to add a Wi-Fi extender. Wi-Fi extender is a unit or device which will be positioned within the router and the access point. Wi-Fi extender will connect the device and the signal source through retransmitting it. This is an effective solution for those who suffer from poor or weak signal. But, bear in mind that Wi-Fi extender will only work for those having a weak signal; it will not work for those who don’t have signal at all. In using Wi-Fi extender, the signal of the source will be the same to the access device.

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