AmpliFi LR & HD Home Wi-Fi Mesh System Review

Mesh Technology is a new way to provide a custom, reliable and efficient Wi-Fi coverage for unique homes. If you have a multi-level home or an irregularly shaped property then you need AmpliFi’s multi-hop mesh technology that will connect your device, appliances and home security system to the web and more. The AmpliFi LR & HD Wi-Fi Mesh is a Wi-Fi system that can bring uninterrupted, reliable and fast connectivity to your home.

AmpliFi HD (High-Density) Home Wi-Fi System Review

AmpliFi HD Home Wi-Fi System


You will admire the AmpliFi LR & HD Wi-Fi Mesh design with a router that provides on-time information about your network speed and two Mesh Points that you can set up anywhere inside your home The router has a clean, seamless and modern design with a round smart-touch display while the two mesh points look like huge antennas but still works with any modern living space.



This is a plug and play device so you do not need to use driver or go through complicated set up instructions. You can set up the system and manage your Wi-Fi connections using the AmpliFi app. You can also connect faster and smarter because the AmpliFi uses Bluetooth Low Energy for all devices. This is the best way to get ready for the Internet of Things as you connect your current smart appliances and for future appliances and devices as well.

Wireless Range

You can guarantee fast and reliable connectivity for intensive bandwidth applications like video streaming, live chat and video calling because the AmpliFi uses 802.11AC Wi-Fi. This is the best Wi-Fi connectivity to connect all devices and appliances inside a modern home. You can extend your Wi-Fi coverage and even make on time adjustments from your AmpliFi app to cover dead spots and buffering video. The two mesh points support the AmpliFi router to work with a moderately-sized home but additional mesh points may be added to further expand your wireless network.


The AmpliFi App

The AmpliFi App lets you set the wireless mesh system in a matter of seconds. Just follow the prompts and you are good to go. You will also be able to track ISP and wireless system performance through the app with on time throughput readings and the capacity to test your speed at any time you wish. You can also monitor and block any device at any time so you can control study time for your kids. You can also decide which device stays on the network and give priority to some devices or appliances connected to the router through the AmpliFi app.


The AmpliFi HD Home Wi-Fi System is a good wireless system that uses the latest technology connectivity to connect devices and appliances to the web. It can reduce dead spots and improve speed, connectivity and range using its mesh points. This is a wireless system that delivers mesh technology connectivity to a large or irregularly-sized home. It has a seamless, modern and informative design that provides on-time information about network health. The AmpliFi Wi-Fi system is definitely a good addition to your modern home. If you think that this is the wireless system for you, follow this link.

AmpliFi Home Wi-Fi System

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